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The loss of teeth can be devastating, but many patients choose to receive dental implants in order to fill their smile through effective tooth replacement. Dental implants are very strong and can fully bond with the jawbone to restore the look and feel or natural teeth and prevent you from struggling with loose artificial teeth, as can happen with dentures.

We offer a list of common dental implant benefits to help you determine if these dental restorations are right for you to restore your smile:

– Dental implants can be customized to have the same natural color, size, curvature, shape and comfort as original teeth, enabling your smile to look real and beautiful.
– The process of osseointegration between the jawbone and dental implant can greatly strengthen the bond and provide greater support for your smile.
– This bond can give you a lifetime of using your dental implants, especially if you provide the maintenance and care that they need.
– While a lack of teeth is dangerous because it enables the jawbone to deteriorate and weaken, the placement of dental implants can prevent this.
– You can once again have natural abilities with eating and speech as you did before tooth loss by receiving dental implants.
– You may notice a looseness in the gums following tooth loss that allows surrounding teeth to shift around, and you can stabilize your mouth with dental implants.
– A filled-out smile can be a big boost for your self-esteem.

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